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A unique and best multi-level marketing (MLM) industry in united state of America(USA), now spread across the world, This 0ffers distributors great opportunities to earn big and improve their income within a short period with numerous incentives.

Life Empowering

We give you that empowerment that changes your life style. With our life empowerment services, life is better and easier for our members and distributors as we facilitate and support your ability.We help you to acquire skills that will motivate you to take steps to change your life and lives of others around you.

Help to the less privileged

Xango pioneer club is an empowerment based membership Scheme born out of passion to help the less privileged people. Our vision is to help eradicate poverty in the society and empower people globally.

Unique financial benefits

These benefits Gives free interest and non-collateral loan to the partners in order to enhance their businesses, Give free skill acquisition and intensive business training to partners , Give scholarship award and funds to partners in order to ensure quality education for partners children ,Give Assets and property acquisition support to partners

Promotional awards and incentives

Enjoy these unbeatable and mind blowing awards and incentives such as Free car award, All-expense-paid International vacation, Passive income for life for partners and residual income(house fund) as you move up the stages….


Your XANGO account will be created after your registration into any of the categories.

Compensation Plan

This offers distributors great opportunity to earn big and improve their income within a short period with numerous incentives.

However, the company allows one person to have more than one account in any of the categories or register for different categories.

Learn more about XANGO Category A ($15 =₦3300)


GOODNESS - Help To The Less Privileged

Giving is a core element of XANGO PIONEER ’s mission. It’s an essential part of how we do business, something we ’ve embraced from our very earliest days. The XANGO PIONEER Goodness Foundation supports charitable missions, humanitarian relief and feeding programs around the globe.

XANGO PIONEER LIFE EMPOWERMENT ’s involvement —with support from the company, distributors and employees —creates positive change in the lives of many children and the less privilede worldwide, and it also increases opportunities for better Life, education and social acceptance.

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